Latvian Vocabulary: A - Ē

abi (adj., 'both'
adrese (noun, fem.) 'address'
ak (interjection) 'ah, oh'
ar (prep. + acc. in sing.) 'with'
arī (adv.) 'also, too'
aritmētika (fem. noun) 'arithmetic'
atā (interjection) 'bye, so long'
bet (conjunction) 'but'
brālis (noun, masc.) 'brother'
būt (verb, infin., irregular) 'to be'
cik (adverb, interrogative) 'how (much)'
čau (interjection) 'hi' and 'bye'
dara (verb, 3.p.pres. form of darīt 'to do') 'does, is doing'
darīt (verb, infinitive, 'to do'
dārzs (noun, masc.) 'garden'
dēls (masc. noun, pronounced dē*ls) 'son'
diezgan (adv.) 'rather, enough'
disertācija (fem. noun) 'dissertation'
dot (verb, irregular) 'to give'
dvielis (noun, masc.) 'towel'
dziedāt (verb, infin., 3(b)) 'to sing'
dziesma (noun, fem.) 'song'
dzīvot (verb, infinitive, 'to live'
es (1st pron.) 'I'
esi (verb, '(you) are'
esmu (verb, (infin. būt), pronounced e*smu) '(I) am'
ēst (verb, infin., irregular) 'to eat'

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