Tūdaliņ, tāgadiņ
"Toodalin, Tagadin"

Please note: each verse is sung twice.

Latvian song Free translation Word-for-word translation
Tūdaliņ, tāgadiņ,
pastalnieki danco;  
Toodaloo, Toedaloo,
the *pastala-shod ones dance now;
Nonsense word, nonsense word
pastala-wearer-nom.pl. dance-pres.3rd.p.
**Cits ar kurpēm,
cits ar vīzēm,
cits ar basām kājām.
**Some wear leather,
some wear %bast,
some have only bare feet.
some-masc.nom.sg. with (leather)shoe-dat.pl.
some-masc.nom.sg. with %bast-shoe-dat.pl.,
some-masc.nom.sg. with bare-fem.dat.pl. foot-dat.pl.
Es ar' būt' līdzi lekt,
man tā kurpe pušu.  
I would like to caper too,
(but) my shoe is busted.
I-nom.sg. also(last vowel is omitted) be-sup.(last vowel is omitted) along-adv. jump/leap-inf.
me-dat.sg. that-fem.nom.sg. shoe-nom.sg. broken/torn-adv.
Ņem to siksnu,
sien to kurpi,
lec tiem citiem līdzi.
Take that belt,
tie up that shoe,
caper with the others.
take-2nd.p.sg.imp. that-acc.sg. belt-acc.sg.
tie-2nd.p.sg.imp. shoe-acc.sg.
jump/leap-2nd.p.sg.imp. those-masc.dat.pl. other-masc.dat.pl. along-adv.
Nu ir man,
nu ir man
kurpe salāpīta.
Now my shoe,
now my shoe
is completely mended.
now be-pres.3rd.p. me-dat.sg.
now be-pres.3rd.p. me-dat.sg. shoe-nom.sg.
Nu es varu,
nu es varu
lekt tiem citiem līdzi.
Now I can,
now I can
caper with the others.
now I-nom.sg. can-pres.1st.p.sg.
now I-nom.sg. can-pres.1st.p.sg.
jump/leap-inf. those-masc.dat.pl. other-masc.dat.pl. along-adv.

* A pastala is a kind of leather mocasin, which is worn over long socks or stockings, and tied on with leather laces that criss-cross the lower leg below the knee.

**The Latvian word cits literally means "different, other"; in this context it makes most sense to translate it as "some" or "someone".

% Bast shoes are home-made sandals or mocasins; they are made from braided strips of bark, usually birch bark or the bark of the linden tree. For more information see: Wikipedia: Bast shoes or go to European Peasant Footwear.

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