More Pagan Design Elements

On the left is an enlargement of the young woman's sash. In the centre of it you can see a representation of the star sign "Auseklis", and around it are several repetitions of the "thunder cross".

Both of the symbols (in black) on either side are variants of the Thunder Cross. They represents the god Pērkons (whose name literally means "thunder").

Since Pērkons was associated with thunder, lightning, and rain, he was called upon and sacrificed to during times of drought. Since the rain and storms cause plants to grow, he was also a fertility deity.

The symbol was popular in ancient times as can be attested by the multitude of variations that it appeared in. Unfortunately, the Germans under Hitler adopted a variation of this symbol – the swastika.

This image on the left represents the morning star, Auseklis. Auseklis is thought to protect people from the forces of evil which roam at night.

(P.S. If this young woman's sash has symbols that protect her from evil at night and lots of fertility symbols, where was she wearing this sash to?)

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