Latvian Folk Songs: Long Songs

I have made a random selection of a very few Latvian folk songs which have with multiple verses. When you click on each of the links, you will see that, in each case, the Latvian verse is first, then the very free translation, and, finally, the word-for-word translation:

Aiz ezera balti bērzi "Beyond the Lake Grow White Birch Trees"
Āvu, āvu baltas kājas "I Drew Off My Shoes"
Kas kaitēja man dzīvoti? "How Did It Harm Me?"
Lakstīgala kroni pina "The Nightingale Made a Wreath"
Meita gāja uz avota "A Girl Went to the Well"
Pūt vējiņi "Blow Winds"
Seši mazi bundzenieki "Six Young Drummers"
Sit, Jānīti, vara bungas "Jānis, Strike the Copper Drum"
Tumša, tumša tā eglīte "Dark, Dark is the Fir Tree"

To see the explanation of the grammatical abbreviations used in the "word-for-word" translations, go to → Grammatical Abbreviations

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