Latvian Language Lessons: Introduction

The Latvian language isn't particularly hard to learn. It uses the same Latin alphabet as English, and the spelling is much more predictable than English spelling. These internet lessons are in no way equivalent to intensive classroom teaching, but they should provide a solid, basic introduction to the Latvian language.

Each lesson starts with a recorded conversation, which you can hear by clicking on the link for that conversation. The lesson then provides instructions on how to pronounce the words in that conversation, and any grammatical points you need to construct those sentences. After a couple of lessons, I also start providing exercises you can do to practise what you've learned.

Finally, I've also provided a vocabulary, that lists all of the words used in each lesson. Each vocabulary item is recorded separately, so that you can click on its link and hear the pronunciation.

  1. Lesson 1 - Yes, no, and "That's a table?"
  2. Lesson 2 - Please, thank you, and you're welcome
  3. Lesson 3 - Nouns: nominative and accusative cases
  4. Lesson 4 - Verbs: first, second, and third person
  5. Lesson 5 - Nouns: dative case; adjective agreement
  6. Lesson 6 - Nouns: genitive case; yes/no questions
  7. Lesson 7 - Nouns: vocative and locative cases; verb and pronoun plural forms
  8. Lesson 8 - Verbs: third conjugation; negation; pronouns: first and third person singular
  9. Lesson 9 - Verbs: past tense; nouns: declension class 5, pronouns: second person singular, interrogative, and demonstrative
  10. Lesson 10 - Vebs: second conjugation; nouns: declension class 2; adjectives: agreement with nouns
  11. Lesson 11 - Comprehensive but fun review of Lessons 1 - 10
  12. Lesson 12 - Nouns: declension class 6; verbs: more verbs which require the dative case; negative genitive structures
  13. Latvian Vocabulary List

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