Latvian Folk Dances

Children's dances

Children's dances (called rotaļas) are usually danced in the round. The steps are simple repetitions, and the music is often a polka.

The following are a couple of folk songs to which children's dances (rotaļas) are often danced:
Kas Dārzā? "Who is in the Garden?"
Tūdaliņ, tāgadiņ "Toodalin, Tagadin"

Adult dances

Adult dances are often danced in a square made up of 4 couples. The figures are complex, and are reminiscent of a square dance or a quadrille. The music may be a jig or a polka tune.

Links about Latvian Folk Dancing

Mārtiņa deju grāmata. Fantastic site which describes lots of folkdances, including music and short (Quicktime) video clips. (In Latvian)

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